Garry, Rust Need a PR

I would be more than happy to be that guy since it doesnt seem like you have anyone for it. This is NO RANT or bash towards anyone.

I think it would be better for game and community to have a better PR. I understand staff is low and updating and fixing things is more important than posting. Thing is most of the community doesn’t understand that aspect. Hurts more than it does good. Yes maybe the immature will leave but every game needs them.

I think rust needs more PR with its customers to what is going on. Before the selling of the alpha not giving updates to community to what is going on is a different story to when ppl have actually spent money to be in. Some people have giving 200 dollars to support this game but the response back with issues that have been going on is not there.

Like i said this is no rant or bash. Just a suggestion to better help. You most likely all ready know this but hey never hurts to keep reminding.

I support you you courageous sir :slight_smile:

thank you! :slight_smile:

Snips are important things.
And I agree. A PR guy(or girl) is a must at this stage of development.

Is it really though? Minecraft and similar games didn’t have a PR this early on in development. Do they even have one now?

Team Mojang (Mostly Notch) kept us very up-to-date on the status of the game, as well as different problems that occurred. For example, when all the servers went down due to a DDoS, Notch notified everyone he could every way he could.

I’d very much doubt garry would invest in a PR so early, sorry to say but its the truth.

No one said he would have to invest a penny.
Just supply the person with information.
More than one person (Including yourself) has volunteered for the position.

Thanks for acknowledging me :smiley:

Not a problem. Credit due where credit’s due.

i tip my fedora to you, my good gentlemen and a scholar, may sagan bless you with euphoria

just to let you know that Notch is not running team mojang anymore its Dinnerbone that is

Why are you talking about the present? He is clearly saying that in the past, notch kept the community up-to-date with every single thing best he could…

Lol I think he understands that, but now and then are two different periods of time.

Whats with all these rust kids addressing each other as sir?

Is it making a comeback? Is that what’s cool with the kids now?

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Oh wait his profile says he is 23. I apologize for calling you a kid.