Garry`s Gate Project (SG-G)

After watching many Episodes Stargate I reshio Set command Gmoder `s that pass through the adventures of the movie!
The First Episode Was Epic Fail
But The 2 Epsiode is Epic Win :slight_smile:

[media] not video

and dear god the computer voices and hud!

They’re both terrible.

I just said first episode was fail :slight_smile:
In beging of First episode it`s says about previosly episode

That video is completely terrible,

The fact that you dont bother hiding the fps,
You dont bother hiding the hud
You dont bother hiding the Kill icons
There are lots of Weird and useless Camera movements.
Some lame music playing in the background
Robot voices
Robot voices
Robot voices
Dont bother hiding the Voice bar.
2:47 Some guy nocliping with a crowbar
2:45 some random gunfight?
4:45 Epic fail scene. Never do that. And what are those? Construction props?
4:54 what the fuck is that. You dont bother hiding… ANYTHING.
4:45-54 Fight music in the background? Why??
5:02 he died but he walks around? Walks around a construct map?
Even the robot voices make grammar mistakes.
5:16 More weird music in the background
5:42 lame scene
Credits are more than too long and Low low quality overall

So that’s why this video fails epicly

I liked the intro, but the rest was nonsense.

Holy SHIT! My ears, eyes,… My whole head almost exploaded after having watched that… that… Pile of horse shit!

That was THE worst video ever in the history of mankind!
Heres what you should improve:

Way to repeat what I said :wink:

lol I didnt read the other posts. I realised just after posting that I pretty much copied you! XD

Well that is a dumb way to reply to threads.


Unless the thread is 30 pages long and you didnt read a page of it before.

Sorry, I just didn’t feel like it…