Garry should have Control over the Major Addons and Gamemodes.

I believe that Garry should have control over Major Addons and Gamemodes since they are the things that we care for the most. So if we let Garry have some Control over them we could have Addons like Phx and Wiremod installed in to the original game.


what are you talking about

phx/wiremod are addons that other people/teams have made, not something that’s going to be incorporated into the actual mod.

was svn too hard for you?


I think he wants these addons included in the original game so he can pirate the original game with all the extra shit.

It would ruin wiremod. Garry admits he can’t wire so who would want someone who can’t use a mod control it?

He’s just saying that because SVN makes him cry. :’(


No, he shouldn’t.

What would be the point of that? The way it is setup now, with SVN, it is incredibly easy for the creator to update their mod, and for you to get said update. Having it integrated in the mod would probably make those updates take slower to implement. Plus, it is really easy to use SVN anyways.

Where’s my troll spray?

(inb4 mod ban: I didn’t think this one was severe enough to report.)