Garry should remove the backgrounds

They are cloging up the site up and nobody gives a shit about them also remove some porn stuff I hate when my sister is here and if she looks id be fucked.

It’s been said before and my guess is that if he were going to do it, he’d have done it by now.

Yeah but how? Theres so many of 'em!

If there was a report button…

Why would your sister give a fuck that you’re looking at porn

Tell her in a few years she’ll be doing the same

If you don’t want to see it, or don’t want others to see. DONT CLICK ON IT.

i wouldnt mind uploading something and having someone at fps having to aprove it before it goes viral

That would end up with some guy employed to sit an press “No” all day. go a little down you should see some alyx and mirrors edge boobs and those appear by searching models.


What are you 10 years old

They’re tits. Get over it.

they’re tits, get over it.

This game wasn’t rated E for everyone, it’s not even rated for god’s sake.
If you really don’t want them there, wait it’s tit’s who doesnt love tit’s?! is a dump for everyone’s shit, you don’t HAVE to download it.

they should just purge everything and have everyone reupload their stuff

There was a thread about this and we came to the conclusion that it would be a horrible idea.

  1. How old is your sister.
  2. If you’re worried about your sister looking at porn, she’s quite young then.
  3. If she’s quite young, why is she on the site?

It would take them a long time to remove them all. To do so, they would have to delete everything, and then monitor what gets uploaded. Since there are some very good addons around all the junk stuff, it would be impossible and people would protest against it.

and deleting the backgrounds will make a happier place (except at the troll HQ…) but when my cousin saw me scrolling down the page and he saw nudity on one of the files so i told him, “the internet is full of porn, you will see it everywhere.”

I think some files should be delected if they dont have a certain amount of downloads in a certian amount of time.
For example if a backround had 3 downloads in a month, I think it should be deteleted.
I also think dups should be deleted as well.

That is because you are a moron. This isn’t a flame, this is a compostition:

Duplications are one of the most needed things in GMod. Complex contraptions are the heart and soul of Garry’s Mod, and to take them away would be like raping the OP while his sister watches, and meniacally saying, “Ha! Isn’t this better than that crap you saw your brother looking at?” and then, if the contraption that is deleted is really good, it would be like raping her infront of her brother and her screaming her enjoyment.
Either way it ends up with one or the other being unhappy, and in one case may leave everyone unhappy.