Garry - Thanks for Sunday update!

Look forward to the improvements and optimizations, and thanks for taking the consumer feedback seriously and reaching out to us, keeping us informed.

I agree i like it when they keep us informed :smiley:

Thanks to the Rust team keep up the great work

You’re welcome - I’ll try to post more updates.

Yay! :smiley:

Thank you for opting to support Linux. Much appreciated!

thanks for the sunday update!! it was needed :smile:

Neat post indeed. Good work Garry!

Thanks for the post and hard work Garry, Pat, Helk and all.

soooo…the grass bug is not going to be fixed in the near future?:confused:

Do you know when the amd fix will be made

It’s the weekend so no-one is in the office. Bill is going to look into it on Monday. We need to get a computer with the same AMD graphics card to see if we can re-create it.

Garry ninja’d. :v:

ah thanks man i really love the game

thats all we needed to hear, at least now we know whats going on. I can only imagine how busy you guys are, but I think I speak for a lot of us when I say we appreciate the update Garry :slight_smile:

Macs have the same problem

So it was garry who i was speaking to on friday :smiley:

haha nice [epicness intensifies]

Thank you, indeed!

From Garry’s blogpost:

So will all other alpha testers, right?

Anyone that can currently play Rust