Garry Theft Auto: Redone

So the first attempt at GTA was topdown and generally sucked. Most people agreed. I know i did.

So now there’s a new GTA in firstperson. One with more drivable vehicles, more weapons, and more action in general. The gameplay is changed too.

There are 2 teams: Cops and Gangsters. The Gangsters spawn with 100 health and weaker weapons. Their task is to steal vehicles and bring them to their garage for rewards, or kill civilians and take their cash. The cops spawn with 150 health and better weapons, but cannot enter vehicles. Their task is to kill or arrest the Gangsters to earn points. In order to arrest a gangster, you need to smack him with your taser stick. This is more risky but if you pull it off, the Gangster loses all his cash.

Some pictures taken while testing.

The gamemode is really easy to map for. You can find more information here.

Todo list:

[ul][li]Make cars handle nicer.
[/li][li]More effects.
[/li][li]Endgame stats.
[/li][li]More cool weapons possibly? C4 explosive carbombs for police?[/ul]

Currently you need to get the Gmod Beta SVN. Go here.

Looks pretty good. Will there be an airport?


Also needs a freemode.

there are no flyable vehicles. but that doesnt mean you can’t have a map with an airport on it for looks.

“garry theft auto” lawl sounds like epic lolz and funz :smiley:

Looks good :awesome:

Looks much nicer than the original one Rambo, nice job.

One thing I would I like to see in this game would be realistic deaths involving cars. What I mean by this is, if the thief (driving a vehicle) is moving at a high rate of speed and hits a large object (dumpster, building, etc) then they die.

Maybe the airport just teleports you to different parts of the map dosn’t have to be flying it yourself.

Gonna shove this up on my server now!


So is this up on the SVN under /gamemodes/gta?


Will this work if I upload it to my server? Or does it only work with the GarrysMod SVN?

You need to be using a fully updated gmod beta server for it to work. on monday fretta goes live though so it won’t be long.

Ok, thanks. I’ll run it on my server then

Added some little icons to help people out.

Citizens should yell “Hey over there” and scream when shots are fired.

This looks really nice. I look forward to trying it when I have the time.

They do already. I might tweak them so they get scared when you walk near them. As it is now they only get scared when they’re hurt directly or if another nearby citizen dies. So you can spray all around their feet and they keep their cool.

Give them sunglasses.

Any servers runnnig this?

The Facepunch Fretta Server has it, but it appears to be offline at the moment.

I added an end-of-round stats screen. It explains better who won the round and why (ie. number of arrests made, number of civilians killed, etc). I’ll post a pic later.

You should make them run towards you and then run into a wall when shots are fired. They do that a lot.