Garry Theft Auto

too much empty space in each frame

-3/10, no helicopter in top left kappa

looks good except for what joazzz mentioned

Every pose is very… boring. Look at some of the GTA covers. Yeah, they have guys posing with guns, but there’s also pure action too like helicopter/motorcycle chases, cars blowing up, etc, whereas this just looks like an advertisement for the latest crimewear.

I think it’s pretty cool. Guys above are a bit too harsh.

I think the colours are nice, but maybe a bit too many night time shots? A few day time, blue sky ones would help contrast it a little. And as said above, there’s not a lot of variation in the images. Portrait shots of dudes in suits and not much else. Maybe look back on previous GTA covers and take inspiration from those, they sometimes had a character or two standing there, but all the other frames had a lot of variation

Lets just quickly look at the GTA V cover, since it’s the newest[/t]

On this cover there are 3 images you could call portraits. But each one fills the frame completely, wasting no space. Each one is different too, one with Trevor looking to the left and holding a gun, one with Micheal (?) with a mask on, another with Franklin looking to the opposite side of Trevor with a different facial expression and a smaller gun, and the last image has a girl with a phone, which is central focus to the shot.

All other frames show what the game is about, the action. Cars, helicopters, boats, dog. They all have a sense of motion too, making it look more fast paced and dramatic. I think your design could benefit from a lot more of that and a bit less scowl-y dudes in suits.

How about the older designs?


GTA III, being the earliest, has less detailed art but is still highly stylized with a strict colour palette and more close up on characters. But they all look different and have different emotions. Some look angry, happy, smug or threatening. Also obligatory shot of some helicopters and cars.

GTA VC Is a bit more detailed and has a lot more colour, but also a lot more action. There’s three shots of dudes standing there, 4 if you count the girl with her back to the camera. The rest show high speed boat/motorcycle races, explosions and helicopters firing. Much more action here.

GTA SA Is a bit more toned down, with more browns, reds and greens. There’s less action, but the portraits are even more varied, some being very extremely close up to others showing full body shots. The rest of the shots show some more flavor of the game, like gambling and drive-by’s

GTA IV is probably what I’d guess your poster is trying to achieve the most, but once again there’s only one shot of a dude in a suit looking grim with a gun. The rest are close ups. There’s a frame with a motorbike and another with a high speed police chase. Again, much more action.

I think you’ve got a cool idea here for sure, but I also think you need to review it and add a bit more flavor and variety. I’m not gonna get into the episodes/stories cover because that’s about another 4 covers to go over. Either way, download some cool vehicles and weapons and set up some dramatic scenes, and add a bit more emotion and contrast to the characters and I think it’d be awesome. Work on your cropping too, don’t be afraid to cut out the unnecessary details so your scenes can fill each individual frame. Look at the covers as thumbnails and you can see there’s a lot of things packed into each section, not leaving any space blank and unnecessary. (Also this is just imo but I think the logo could be a bit bigger, it seems small compared to these covers)

[sp]btw If you haven’t noticed every single GTA cover has a helicopter in the top left corner :wink:
Also, there’s often (5/8) a motorcycle scene in the top right and often a car or boat in the lower left.[/sp]

I hope this helps somewhat!