Garry, this is for you

How lovely, I like it.

[editline]Wait wat, today’s garrys birthday?..


Well this is going to be interesting.

Garry tweeted one of his threads, which makes the gullible OP think they are BFFs now.

I honestly was thinking the OP might be a chatbot at some points. I guess this proves that theory wrong…

Holy shit he just doesn’t stop.

I guess Garry is the one on the left, and your the one on the right? :v:

That’s lovely that you like/love his work



This is getting creepy

I don’t wish to be rude, like being a huge fan of something isn’t bad I think it’s rather cool and awesome that you appreciate someones work and express it but… This a little spooky not only to the reader but to probably Garry himself. I doubt he’ll play with you and shit but you’ll probably bore him out when talking to him.

I found this thread funny though, good luck with everything else.

oh youre that dumbass that made the gmod jokes thread
(hint) he tweeted the thread since he thought you were retarded, not since he liked you

This is legitimately uncomfortable to read.


Poster of the year 2012

Wouldn’t that make Garry a pedophile?

Screw his current title, Someone make his title “Garry’s Butt Buddy”

This Thread became less about someone being cute, and more about someone being creepy.

Second. :downs:

Obviously your not very old because you don’t even know the meaning of the term “Half-life”, so the “Quarter Life” thing just sounds really dumb.

And the fact that you called it “inspiring” is strange.

I’m not sure you know how things work on the internet.

Oh Garry what have you gotten yourself into bro?

That’s not even valid lua, garry is disgusted with you.

I came here for the jokes.

I wasn’t disappointed.

While a lot of people want this guy to get off FP, I’m the opposite.

He makes me laugh every time he makes a ‘well thought through’ post.