Garry to you

np, we’ll see how much fun your having when im finished with my trolling today. every1 can say it’s in it’s alpha blah blah blah, having extra’s keys just got handy. see ya’ll round. US central. it’s my turn to be batman

(User was banned for this post ("shit thread/lel i troll u" - Orkel))


I am crying uncontrollably for your situation.

From laughter.

But seriously, all of us have the same few problems, so the only response you are going to get is a collective “deal with it”

hahaha, people are taking games so seriously :smiley: You are funny! Sometimes it’s good to start all over, if you have everything, it gets boring :stuck_out_tongue: Just work your way up again and hope this won’t happen again, if it does, then get back up :wink:

2.5 days worth of shit? And you’re calling others No lifers?


Thank you, for making an example of yourself.

Isn’t this in alpha stage? Game gets wiped a lot, get over it!!!

Theres a report feature for bad threads, i just cant find it.

it’s ok problem solved.


Don’t know if you know but IP’s are displayed next to your name for the moderators here. They could just look it up with in-game IP’s and ban you so eh.

I remember you ingame you never stopped complaining. At least you had te decency to move it to the forums.