Garry Ware (Fretta) - Contribute and craft your own minigames!

WOW :xd:

Looks amazing! The “Meet the Sniper” clips are a nice touch!

You should have the “Jump!” minigame where you hop when something hits the ground.

Concept needs to be refined to make it better, but can be nice. I can think of a floating bullseye you must hit for a exact number of times.

Edit : “Hit the bullseye exactly x times !” preparing to be committed !

The bouncy balls already exist. Hot potato doesn’t seem to be in accordinance with the “All players are equal” rule, but maybe this can be exploited.

Yeah, the Jump when it’s gonna hit is a good concept, although players can be disadvantaged by lag, we’ll see what it’s gonna do.

Thanks for your suggestions ! Remember if you desire you can code your minigames yourself !

Can’t wait for full release!
Is there a test server or sommat?
I wanna try multiplayer, it’s gonna be hilarious.

Major update adds a clock in the HUD : Yellow during warmup, smoothly coloured blue/red when winning/losing, strongly coloured blue/red when having won/lost.

Maybe there should be a minigame where an npc stands at one end of the room, and the players have to run and press “e” on him but they have to stand still if he looks at them. If he catches them moving, they are out.

If you PM me I can put this on the Gmod Beta SVN if you want which will then go on the FP Test Server.

Holy Shit, thats fucking nice

It’s OK, check your PMs :wink: . Major bugs are fixed, involving weapon switch, and end of game (it used to play the games while we were frozen).

If you people desire, you can join Garry Ware Steam Community Group.

Good idea, but this fails in a 3D multiplayer environment, sadly.

You should try playing it before saying that, it’s completely different, but still very addicting.

Hurry, I made a little sprint minigame, I was gonna tell you about it over steam but the friends server is down for routine maintenance.

Edit: I agree with _Killburn

That’s pretty damn innovative, I love it!

Haha, well done! Very original.

Suggest you look at the WarioWare minigames and look at what you can come up with…

Collect x coins?

Then don’t play the game, if it’s really that hard to add 2 numbers for a few seconds. I love math.

Done a few new minigames today, including the “Pick up that can” one in the second video, update the SVN if you haven’t done it yet.
I won’t spoil the other ones, but they are pretty evil. :q:

How do I get the GMod beta?

Does this work with GMod 10

When I get my new video card (should arrive before friday) I’m totally making a map for this.

So, does this work for GMod 10 or not?

it works on the gmod beta, which is gmod 10/11