Garry, what happens if you're banned from cloudscripts? Does it notify you?

I’m just curious if it tells you that you’re banned from cloudscripts/toybox… because it’s not working for me anymore…

Yeah it does. No-one is banned at the moment.

How can you be banned from Cloudscripts/ToyBox? Abuse?

Pirating Garry’s Mod. Not sure when Garry is planning on adding the ban though.

Ah ok good

Not that i’m pirating it, it’s just i’ve have been having problems lately with it.

Garry, do you plan on adding moderators to the ToyBox system to enforce these bans?

Avatar fits

He already knows who’s a pirate and who isn’t.

He is. Look at his Steam Profile.


wow, you’re really stupid. Just because he has the wrong link to his profile doesn’t mean that he pirated the game.

I found his profile anyways, and:
Garry’s Mod
95.1 hrs / 1736 hrs

Well excuse me for pointing out a typo.