Garry - What if someone asks nicely?

Dear Garry,

I am Takudaku of East Coast 3 (Large). I currently bank about 600 hours played on your game, I enjoy it very much. However, for the last 5 nights I have not been able to play due to the “AlreadyLoggedIn” error. I understand and appreciate your hard work and efforts on the new revision of the game, but I do think that enough people still enjoy the old version enough to warrant you looking into this issue for us. If you could find somewhere in the corner of your heart to resolve this issue for me and others, it would be most appreciated. As well as further grow a respect for you, in part also motivating me and others to continue playing your awesome games.

Sincerely, Takudaku. <3

Asking nicely is not the reason the devs haven’t stopped what they’re doing to go kick the servers every time this bug crops up for someone.

You do get a point for being polite instead of accusing garry’s mother of sexual escapades, at least.

Play on a community server. They are better anyways.

20 bucks it’s this dude trolling…the timing is way to perfect

Nah, TakuDaku is legit, friends and I played with him in East Coast 3 a lot back in March/April.

The servers will be back up soon enough, just be patient.

I am 100% legit, and I have been very patient. I’m just making a plea since Garry does pop in here once in a while. If this post does nothing, that’s okay. Maybe it will though. :slight_smile:

Official servers have been disappearing for 2 months now. Never any answer or even an indication facepunch is even aware. Ive tried tweeting, support tickets, forum posts here, on reddit, on steam… nothing. no answer just a big black hole of no information at all.

The server itself is fine, there are people playing and it and it shows up for me as normal. The issue is that I can’t connect to it. Since the lag fest last weekend that the server endured I know at least 6 people who are fairly hardcore players on East Coast 3 (Large) that are getting the same error; (AlreadyLoggedIn). Like I said, I’m not complaining really, I just hope Garry can succumb to a simple friendly request from a avid player. :slight_smile:

Asking nicely did not work, sadness continues.

And you rated me dumb for accurately predicting how this would unfold. :v: