garry why don't u listen players

i know garry is trying to do what he believes about rust.He created the Rust,people like it(VERY MUCH)…


there is something he missed that people liked the LEGACY(don’t worry it’s not a stupid legacy post)

about the game play,i don’t know why but garry never listen his players.

recently players don’t want the xp system.he don’t listen us.

i think he doesn’t know the ‘‘feedback’’ thing.

workbench,pickaxe raid etc…

-sound like players don’t want anything new???

yeah it’s correct,and i think garry understood it.

i just want to say that things…i want a game that dev’s are working together with players.

and garry let people can mod the Mount & Blade Warband.SO much beatiful things can came with it.

and for the legacy lovers,give some respect them.

i miss the legacy.(yeah it’s stupid legacy post)

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You can feel free to email garry at — he will be glad to hear your input.