Garry why you hate me

Garry have i done something to offended you ? have i hurt you in a previous life ?

When i was a male in the game i hade a very very small penis , now im a woman and i have small breast … why cant i ever get anything big :frowning:

Im sorry if i have offended you in any way ever … very very sorry . give me my big boobs or make me male again with big penis . pls i keep getting bullied :frowning:

This will make your penis bigger

I have breast now … or well im supposed to :frowning:

As old admin I prefer to have floppy tits and big fat ass… the player must have fear of me :slight_smile:

so i was banned for 9 days for the reason of a crap post be careful of the content of your posts.

(User was banned for this post ("backseat mod" - Orkel))

Well then dont do that.

But this one is funny, and a nice break from all the usual complaining.

Not THAAAAT much.