@garry Woman Randomization

Some men in Rust are a little more hung than the others.

I want women the same way.

I want some women to have bigger boobs and ass than the others.

I expect to see this in game, or me and my colleagues will be upset.

I know I can count on you garry.

Thank you

I demand to see this too or me and my clan of me will stop playing!!

No seriously though, it’d be nice to see some variation same as the men, also hoping they change it so you get a new character each wipe so you have some variation on race/gender instead of the same player model every single time.

How about they get the female model working before changing her T’s & A’s? I’m sure it’s challenging enough to get the clothes to fit correctly on one set of boobs…

No, I think we can all agree that T’s & A’s are more important than gameplay. Get your priorities in order, or me and my clan will stop playing!

Wait wait wait a second… some guys are more hung than others in game? WTF? I’m running around with a little haha thinking it’s normal while there could be other better hung hahas out there? Jesus…screw boobs I want a bigger sausage.

Why does this even need to be requested? They’re obviously going to be adding in body randomization for BOTH genders.

I suggest that scrotums sag more and more with age. If you see a guy “hit the ground”, you know you should stay away.

I’d just like to see them given hair. =/

Just imagine… Joselyn Cano modeled in Rust… Wow…