Garry, you out there? Consider this for sales?

This is more or less directed towards garry, but I’d be curious as to what others think. It seems garry is always trying to come up with new gamemodes and other small features (like achievements) to try and keep the game updated and coming up on Steam’s news channel in order to keep selling the game.

It’s understandable that he’d want GMod to keep selling, but I feel like all these extra features somewhat deter him from working on fixing bugs. I run a server, and I get frequent join crashes. At first, I thought it was just my server, but it seems like it happens to other servers, even vanilla ones.

My proposal is that Gary goes through whatever paperwork Valve requires to put a game on sale and sees if he can try and sell it with a “Pay-What-You-Want” price.

I found this article on how 2D Boy did this with World of Goo and made a huge profit on the sale. I think something like this would be beneficial to GMod as well as possibly letting Garry focus fixing some bugs instead of adding more features that, quite frankly, most of the playerbase don’t pay a whole lot of attention to. (Achivements, melon racer, etc)

Gmod was on sale a few months ago for literally 5 bucks, and he saw a profit rise of over 1000%, so I don’t think he’s too concerned regarding sales at the moment. Not to mention te rather small discount that was on at Xmas.

I’m sorry, but when this happened with Pocket Physics, everyone just bought it for $0.01. I have a feeling with a pay what you want model you’ll see people gifting everyone the game for dirt cheap.

garry doesn’t give a shit when it comes to Gmod section

either Garry is working on it now, or has a life with all the money he made

The bugs are minor to me
some servers just crash on me, while others are okay

I don’t mind a few of the bugs I get when playing. I won’t stop playing Garry’s Mod though. It’s the only game I have where I can build whatever I want with things from fun games. I bet more people will get the game once they know more about it. I told a bunch of people about it and they said they would buy it once they knew more.

Everyone who has a vague interest in GMod would grab it for a cent, and he would see a massive depression in sales afterward. 2D Boy only did that because they weren’t making a lot of money. They figured it wasn’t going to sell many more copies, so they put up the sale and sold a lot, but the average price they got per-unit was pathetic. It didn’t really matter though, because no one was really going to buy it afterwards anyways.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t expect any major changes until the 2011 (Predicted) release of EP3, then add a few months for Garry to recode everything that will inevitably need done.

Selling for a “Whatever you want to pay” price would get garry no sales - the people who have it are willing to pay £20 for it, the people who don’t aren’t willing to pay £10 for it. Therefore, he would have a major loss in income, as the only people who would buy it would be unlikely to even spend a pound on it.

If the “crash” you experience is an overflow, add myinfo bytes 4096 to config.cfg, otherwise it’s a pretty unknown issue - the memory error. The only real fix is getting Windows 7 - as memory errors do not exist (Only AppCrash and AppHang, which can be brought on by the same events that cause some memory errors)

A thing that would increase the selling of Garry’s Mod.

Would be changing the screenshots on the game to a server with people on using Wiremod svn and Phoenix Storms Model Pack svn and people building stuff, a server with spacebuild 3 and people in space blasting eachother, a roleplay server with people on the street and inside buildings and some firstperson screenshots maybe?

A tutorial that follows the game with recomended addons and how to install Phoenix Storms Model Pack and Wiremod svn and other addons with links of the official sites for example:,,, and

[Edit]: More info about the addons you can get for gmod thats from other games. Good example: Halo stuff, Crysis stuff, Cod stuff and more other games. With screenshots too on that.

[Second Edit]: Comersial on Gmod too as we pro players know it?

Garry made it clear he didn’t want to associate the game with ‘third party’ addons directly. People need to find out about those when they get the game.

In reality, you do just that. Buying other games like TF2 and Zeno Crash will give you more content. In reality, gmod does more than that. You can freely download stuff from like models, ragdolls, and maps. So consider this.

If he were to do that, it would be showing that the game supports those features. While they’re mods, they’re not supported by Garry.

Think of all the addons which cause crashes and stuff, if he were to advertise those, the people who run the support for Gmod would have a field day.

Remember - Garry doesn’t directly support Gmod, it’s left to members in this section.

You have to know what game you are buying before you will ever think about getting it.

[Edit]: The content on Garry’s Mod is identical to the before versions when you were extremely limited. When I wanted to buy gmod 10 I knew all the possibilities already because I had a soft start in gmod 9.0.4 two years ago. Getting addons and stuff like that to it. So I saw all the other addons with the Stargates and stuff that I really wanted to have. That way I did not have to read any content on gmod 10 to understand how epic of a game it is. When I looked at the content of gmod 10 on steam when you buy it I got extremely mad because it looked like a crap game but I knew it was not (because of spacebuild as I saw it on youtube and the stargate addons). That I only knew of and liked by then.

[Second Edit]: Acualy what I am trying to say is: If people knew what gmod is capable of. The number of sold copies will double, double, double and double in a endless loop untill we got every pc gamer. Because gmod is the best mod there is. I am talking world of warcraft killer endless loop.

[Third Edit]: The addons to gmod makes the game you want to have. The addons makes the game.
Without the addons its like playing 1/100 of a game = Boring?

[Fourth Edit]: Unlike a first person shooter. The mods are very different from the game. But like Garry’s Mod a first person… Game. The mods expands the original into a much better and more fun game. The “mods” for gmod is basically thesame it is not like I start to call Garry’s Mod Wiremod as soon as I got that installed.

Civil, if Garry openly supports some half arsed mod that causes buffer overflows and memory errors, he would have more support emails than sales.

Wow I have never had a buffer overflow. Seriously are you on some low end servers? Join a JokerIce server and see for yourself.

Things like that are dependent on addons as well as hardware.

If Garry were to advertise Gmod with screenshots that included third-party stuff, they should only be long-standing addons that are regularly updated and/or are relatively bug-free.

I’d rather not join a JokerIce server. Their history concerning DDoS attacks specifically against people I know along with crashing a server I code for doesn’t give me a good image of them.

Also, it doesn’t happen on any of my servers. Why? Because I don’t fill them with utter shit that isn’t needed. Not even that high spec - it’s currently a dual core 10mbit port, we’re getting a new dedi soon.

For a Build server. Like JokerIce’s. The addons usualy are: Phx and wire svn up to date allways, Easy Precision, Weight tool, Bouyancy tool, Stacker tool, Parent and some more tools. Banned explosives and stuff like that. Allow of noclip for anybody, Antinoclip fields and a rank system that makes you all way up to respected position after about 4 days of gameplay total on the server.
Recomended to live in Europe to have a good ping. Americans would have about 100-200?
JokerIce is a English server.
They got 8 different servers I think. Aiming in on most things gmod can offer.

Because I said this is that JokerIce got the best gmod build server there is that I have seen.
Other servers dont allow noclip on players that are not admins, crap rank systems and abusing admins.
With massive lag incounted, often crashes and no allowing of advanced duplicator tool for non admins.

What I thought about stuff for example addons about halo things. I ment singleplayer gameplay.
There could still be made some servers for stuff like that only. There has been few halo dm servers that i have seen.
As servers point in on one thing only. Example: Fretta, Build, Rp, Survival, Flood and Spacebuild.

[Edit]: Wow I type allot.

Cool advertisement.