Garrychet - A RICOCHET TWOOOO gamemode

*** Version: 1.02; Revision: 3; Stage: Alpha***

About this gamemode:

This gamemode was originally coded by my friend Nightmare then went into hiatus for a few months, thus me, taking over the development part for him.

This was entirely made for fun and as a joke to Valve plus some other shit, please don’t kill us.

The barebones for this gamemode is actually done, however it does require a bit of polishing before releasing. The gamemode will be released under github. Anyone can participate the development (if you want to).

Trello Page:

Demo -Development- Video:

The To-do List:

  • Get the GoldSrc Ricochet player-model then recompile it to Source for GM13 (unless I actually find one.)
  • Multidisk Powerup (Powerups are made, but only kept once per time.) - 100% Done
  • HUD Redo[/U[ - 100% Done
  • Optimization [in general] - 40% Done
  • Maps

Nightmare - Barebones gamemode
ptown2 - Recoding / Optimization
JetBoom - Status-ing and some few code snippets.


Offtopic: Could this SWEP be available for Sandbox? I always wanted something like a tron disk on sandbox

I also would like to participate on the testing of it. I have alot of free time to test stuff.

Oh god, the memories.

Wow, I was thinking about doing this :stuck_out_tongue:

Released the gamemode in github if anyone wants to contribute (fork it, branch it, whatever), the code is still messy and college is a pain in the ass. I’ll update it more frequently once I finish some few of the heavy work.

In the meanwhile, the trello page is now opened:

I may have missed it, but are there any maps anywhere?

Whoops, huge mistake for April Fools Day, forgot to add the content. Pushed an update for it.

Sorry for taking too long this time and for the double posting, had work and the weekend was the only time I could do some updates on the gamemode. So here’s what I’ve done so everyone can notice that I haven’t ignored this.

[TABLE=“width: 900, align: center”][/t]
Freeze (Freezing) Status with a small particle effect
Powerup Figure with Multi-powerup HUD/Text


  • Multi-powerups (They work now, but you have to wait until I completely finish it.)
  • Round/Timelimits
  • Status-ing (Players will have statuses (ents) on themselves, prevents the overuse of DT/NT/other vars, makes tracking fairly easy.)
    and other recoded crap

and the stuff that I’ll do:

  • In-game Radio (So you wont get bored when needed, requires flash.)
  • Arena Gametype
    and other stuff I can’t remember…

Testing time for this server will come soon (be warned that my internet is shit and that I live far), and will be mentioned on the Facepunch Group Chat.

Happy Decapitation (or really small head syndrome)…

Its giving me errors saying that it cant find ricochet_disk.mdl

I forgot to add the model of the disk in this push, I’ll re-push it again with some new updates I’ve done to the gamemode.

Pretty sure it is playable right now.

Brings back some memories (I had a bad taste in games once upon a time)…

Also, is it possible to port the disk weapon into a standalone swep?

I asked that some posts ago.
No awnser, i think it will be gamemode exclusive.

I placed that idea in low priority, my main priority is to make the gamemode be released before this weekend.

It reminds me of Q*bert.

Is the title referring to this?

The development for this gamemode has been given on a halt and has changed to the GMT Development, maybe MacDGuy has some few ideas that he might do with it. Not entirely sure if he’s going to do so or something.

To compensate this, I’ll work on the public release of the SWEP.

Yaay! Another great swep for my collection! Thanks a lot!