Garry'd mod dropping FPS on almost every map after update.

I have had Garry’s mod since I started my steam account and received no lag whatsoever. Anyway, after the big gmod 13 update my FPS drops from 60 to 30 whenever I look at a texture (EX: the top of the structure on gm_flatgrass). Any help?

Posting specs just to be safe:

Video Card - GeForce GT 440
Processor - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
OS - Windows 7
Ram - 16gb’s

When this lag is happening, is anything being printed in console?

not that I know of

Can you check? Sometimes this is caused by a missing texture/model and it usually spams something in console.

Also, have you started up CS:S and TF2 recently and moved them to SteamPipe?

There isn’t anything new in the console, but I did start up TF2 and converted it to SteamPipe

What other source games do you own?

CS:GO, CS:S, HL2: episode 1, dota 2 (if it counts), l4d 1&2, HL:source and HL: deathmatch source.

Start up CS:S and convert that, then follow this tutorial for EP1

CS:S already converted, and don’t even have EP1 installed.