Moderation of Downloads

This just makes me sick… … Garry i have a question, Is there anyway you can add a feature to that can flag an upload and after a set amount of flags the upload can be permanantally removed? I like this site and but it is sad that people will upload stuff like this just to annoy people without any thought of who they can offend or hurt.


Thank you for the grammar fix. It is well appreciated. : )

No prob :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, your idea is a bit flawed. This thing with after so many flags can be easily abused. Trolls - You cannot defend against them :confused:

I think Garry is hoping that everyone just forgets about and just uses toybox.

Actually I am looking foward to Toxbox because everything on their is moderated and can be easily updated as Garry’s Mod Changes.

Just about anything you do will offend or hurt someone.

I think there is moderators on it, but toybox may replace

Reading this thread, i highly doubt so:

Hmm, interesting… Well requires some kind of make over…

Yea, it’s soooo much shit. With shit I mean as racist stuff, Hitler NPCs, etcetc.

How’s that offensive?
World War 2 was around 65 years ago.

Ah, you’re right.
Was actually thinking that it might be a bit stupid to type it.

Besides, the Hitler npc is of course mainly used by people who hate him and want to shoot him. That ain’t bad, is it?

where is this sticky that said didn’t need any moderation

Back on Topic… in the meantime needs a way to prevent things like this that are very offending or just completely ******* wrong to never be uploaded in the first place and to also be taken off by the community if it somehow made it on.

As Garry’s Mod has no age requirement, thus has no age requirement, meaning people of all ages can view the content. I do agree, there needs to be some simple rules added and moderators to enforce them. Simple rules as ‘No uploading porn of any sort. (This includes hentai)’ would make a difference.

I agree somewhat. Change the bold to notify an admin. Shit could be abused if it’s not like this.