This is a Pokemon GO Simulator that will let you capture and battle NPC’s.

Everything works fairly similar to PokeMon GO, but if you have any other questions or comments please feel free to ask.

Todo List & WIP Features:


Looks Great! Thank you for releasing this

Thanks. It’s funny, i did the main/bulk of the code overnight a few weeks back but it took me a few weeks of slow on/off coding to get it release-worthy.

You should upload a video and release it to github

I’m not good at videos, but i might make one eventually…
As for GitHub, i usually do use it but since the script is not designed to be modified i’m going to keep it on just the Workshop for now.
If people are scared of back-doors they can decompile it.

Very nice work, all though the whole Pokemon craze is sort of dieing out through the days. work like this should not be looked past :)!

I love the idea… But did it have to be Pokemon Go themed? I get that it’s the in thing at the moment, but it annoys me that Pokemon Go changes too much about the real Pokemon that people see it this way.

I mean sure i could have just a generic black blur themed GUI but why not jump on the GO bandwagon?
I can always make a theme changer later, but GO is popular now so i think it was the right choice.
It should be noted though, that i kept some of the functionality more similar to actual Pokemon games, such as catch rate mechanics and some sounds.

For greater authenticity, it should cease working and fob off the user if the Server has sv_allowcslua enabled, seeing as the real thing won’t run on Rooted/Jailbroken devices anymore. :v:

It should also randomly crash and sometimes get stuck at a loading screen just because reasons

The popularity should also drop with 80% within a few months

This may, or may not be a feature.

For greater authenticity as per is the standard Niantic, Inc. policy, i will not be issuing any kind of statement regarding this at all.

Don’t forget to steal info about people’s friends list and IP address when they use it, and randomly ban people for moving too fast.

This is brilliant lol.

I’m gonna mess around with this and try to create some related map for it. I’ve got a server that’s not doing anything so I could always slap this gamemode on it for messing around.

This would be neat to slap into a TTT server for people to mess around with when they’re bored but I assume it isn’t TTT compatible is it?

I want to catch more GarryMon.

TTT? Nah! Put it into the DarkRP servers! They dont have enough already! :smiley: (Sarcastic…)

It should be compatible with any gamemode.