Garry's and CSS SCI FI link up


fitzroy_doll the creator of CSS SCI FI was able to use SMOD to make scripts for CSS maps that play like single player. I was wondering if you could do the same with GM. Take a HL2DM, CSS, or DOD add entities, create a script and replay the map as single player. You would use only the available game(s) assets. If you had the same map you could then load the script and play the map. Each time you would play the map it would a be little different since the map is able randomize the game.

I would add map linking were you could write a script that would link to different maps. Once you had reached the map objectives you would be transported to the next assignment or given a menu list of what assignment to do next. Sort of like Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes. All this would be done using GM10 as an interface and the creation of a script. The script then be downloaded to

What do you think?

Easy enough to do.
What’s the question?

The creation of a campaign game, or any kind of game is easily possible trough garrysmod. There’s nothing Gmod can’t do episode 2 did. On the other hand it sounds like quite a big endeavor so you’ll have to be more specific with questions. In theory you could do all of it using just maps from all other games. If all is done on the map you only need to create an empty gamemode (basic is too fancy for that) to run it. :slight_smile:

Create a interface for Smod like games using Garry’s mod as a interface.

That’s a request, not a question. It’s also probably an impossible one.
We can probably help you recreate some “Smod like games” in Garry’s Mod if you like, but you’ll have to do all the coding.