Garry's bombs

Is there version of Garry’s bombs compatible with the latest gmod?

If it was outdated, the owner would put it on there.

And you don’t have to make a thread just to ask if something works. Try it first, then if it doesn’t work, post the problem.

But yes, they work.

Well it didn’t work for me, hence why I was asking. The version I tried, which was Gboms 3 I think, didn’t work. I didn’t get a spawn list or anything, unless it appears under entities

So if they don’t work, post that they don’t work.

Also, link your files. There’s a faggot version that says it’s gbombs. You downloaded said faggot version most likely.

Use these

You’re lucky I’m in dorito bliss.

Otherwise I’d be bitching at you.


There is a god.

It works now, I was an idiot and didn’t check the right menu