Garry's Bots

This is the Official 1.0.0 release of Garry’s Bots!

Gamemode Description:
Build a robot, battle it out, and see which team has the better builders & fighters.

There are WAY too many updates to list here, but here are some:

Four menus (F1-4)
Explosion effect
HUGE number of configuration variables
Admin commands
Post-Game Report
Music during fight round
And much much more…

This includes:
Garry’s Bots 1.0.1

Pictures are coming, hold on just a little bit!

Developed By: LuaBanana and Craze

Thanks to:
Mahalis (Core Explosion Effect)
Megiddo (Scoreboard and Helping)
ja_cop (Helping here and there)
Black Necro (Helping here and there)
Daxter Fellowes/ (Hosting our server)

Everyone for supporting me

Anyone else that believes they deserve thanks, post your reason.

After 3 weeks of hard working and endless nights, craze and I have put together a gamemode that I believe is a success.

For all those that said this would be unsuccessful, well, you just got kicked in the face.


All configuration variables are in config.lua…


All gb_ maps have limits!

For example, gb_24arena can hold up to 24 people. This is the best for BIG servers. gb_battle_arena_v2 can hold 24. Conflagration, of which is not posted here yet, can hold only 8.

You must choose the right maps, or your server will crash!
To add maps, just edit the mapcycle.txt.


If you are going to be running a dedicated and/or 24/7 server, just post your IP, and I will put up a gamemonitor image and a link to directly connect to it!

Press E to display a prop’s health


:siren: No Propeller Fix: :siren: 



Core Explosion

i loved this update :love:

-snipped by request-

Cool. I’ll download it now!

Thanks for letting us use your bots Garry!


And yet again, thank you all for your support. Even the people who criticized me, thanks. We wouldn’t have been able to do this, nor could we be arsed, without your support, or you putting us down so we could prove you wrong.

This mod rules!! :smiley:

Thanks. Now if someone would host this mod. :smiley:

We got Dax?

I mean other servers, so it would become more popular :freeman:

Back to playing HL2…

It would be nice if you told us what the mod is.

Me, for gb_battle_arena_v2. :smiley:

The map has a limit of 24 players, just so you know.

Updated to 1.01.

Damn, you’re quick. I already did it though… You just overwrote our files. :lol:


Also, I just uploaded a fix so that there are no propeller blades. Those things are EXTREMELY overpowered, and I suggest you download that fix if you are going to host.


We just found some bugs, that were undetectable in Single Player… We will upload 1.0.1 soon.


1.0.1 is uploaded. Craze b0rked something. :laffo:

No, you were in too much of a hurry to release, so I couldn’t get enough testing in.


Also, does anyone know who is a mod in this section? I have a request and I don’t want to randomly PM mods…

Could you show some pictures or something?

EDIT: Sorry, my bad. A bit more detailed of a description would help though, took me forever to figure out that all props are breakable by default.

BTW, I am using an unreleased admin mod and the rank system in conflicting with the gamemode. Instead of going on a team, the player’s props are colored the same as their rank (team). Just in case you wanted to know. I figure not many admin mods will work along with this gamemode.

Ok i am hosting now :smiley: :freeman:

No, there it is. Pay more attention.

This is cool! I had extermly fun with friends on 4 players server with 9.6 :v:. I am going to test this tomorrow!