Garry's Cup

In memory of the object that helped power Garry. 2001-2010

Poor Garry. :frown:


may his cup live on forever in the virtual world he created


haha Garry replied on the comments

Right as it dies.

At least it’s preserved in digital form

Now we need to reskin it for every cup in the Tradewinds “EXPRESSIONS” set. For the sake of completion.

R.I.P¨Smurf cup

[Insert 2girls1cup joke here]

Woah, garry commented.

And R.I.P

Song dedicated to Smurf Cup, dont call me an emofag blame September for breaking Garry´s cup:

Garry’s favorite cup broke on the 11th of the September. :aaaaa:
And Garry joined his forum on the 11th of the September of 2001. :ninja:

From where did you got the textures of the cup? From a photo or self made?
Maybe Garry would ship this with gmod as a remembrance. :v:

I don’t get this, did garry break his fav cup? and this is as a tribute? Downloaded anyway.

Yep. You can read about it at

I made everything from scratch. I saw the horror show today and thought I’d whip this up real quick for him.

That poor cup, may its soul find peace.

Rest in Piece little cup. You shall be avenged, somehow.

It’s a nice work. :smiley:

Just of curiosity, what’s the name of the horror show you seen?

Kill Garry?


The horror pic of the massacred happy cup. I gagged. :v:

Tell us the story of this cup.

Read the link (:sweatdrop:).
But if there is more, I’d like to hear it.

Pretty faithful to the real deal, minus the shattered hopes and dreams.

We shall declare war on Gravity.

Is it breakable?

You heartless monster!

Make it braked like in this :v: