Garry's Deathmatch [Idea/Suggestion]

The idea of Garry’s Deathmatch would be almost like the same premise of Call of Duty’s reward/customization system with Quake-oriented gameplay.

Start with a Crowbar & Pistol, each player can spend points from getting kills on
camouflages for weapons like the SMG1, AR2, Pistol, Shotgun, 357, ect;
and have custom attachments. Upgrading guns would be important to increase weapon damage,
ammo capacity, and have different ammo types for all weapons.

It would be like run n’ gun game-play oriented.
No sprint button, and fast movement speed, Quake-style game-play. Two game modes:
Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch.
Three classes:
Scout for High-Speeds, can only use one handed weapons and SMG1
Soldier for Increased Health, can use everything
Recon for Reduced Sound/Cloaking, can only use crossbow, one-handed weapons, and a shotgun

The system should be all based on MySQL for saving your players progress.
A menu pressing the function keys (f1,f2,f3,f4) would be for shopping or a “barracks” to manage
your stats and items/weapons you have.

Perks shouldn’t be big like in other games, but just little things that make the game a bit more interesting.
Like 5+ health each kill, or decreased fall damage, extra ammo, things that.

This is just an idea, and it was brought to me by a friend.

I have a gamemode that I’ll send to you for free add me on steam