Garry's Fireworks (Beta 1.1)

Download it now!

Already been done with much higher quality.

Oh no, someone has done something before, which means no one else can do it.

Well, an addon that has been tested and improved throughout its long existence is bound to be superior over others. So that statement is practically invalid.

Anyways, thanks for feedback but this addon isn’t finished yet.

This is nice, how about making some cool flares and maybe a video?


Looking good, keep it up.

Road flares aren’t that intense, maybe lessen the fire and add flickering light when the flare is activated.

Oh god, TDM made cars first but SGM and others still make them… It doesn’t matter, the more the better.

As someone who’s been obsessed with and sold fireworks since I was a kid, I’ve gotta say, this looks awesome! Would it be possible to actually make an array of launch tubes and be able to drop in the shells? It’d be cool to assign timing and delays between different firework elements to create your own show. :dance:

The addon will be released in ** days.
Ignore this comment >.<

looks shit in comparison to this

this looks genuine.

Who gives a shit, at least he’s making something.

I meant, the OP’s looks *much *better than that. It actually looks like fireworks, really nice and “Authentic” effects to them. I didn’t mean the one in the link. But this is all based on screenshots.

i may have worded that post bad now that I look at it.

I thought you meant that Garry’s Fireworks looked like shit in compared to the linked one.

yeah, that wasn’t what I mean, I worded that bad, sorry

Garry’s Fireworks looks amazing though yeah

How does this look?

Looks awesome, now how about using thumbnail for those images in the OP? :V

What you mean?
I think this thread is getting messy.

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