Garry's Game?

Hello, i was wondering why noone’s made Gmod into a game of its own, with a specialized physics engine yet.

I mean, making a game engine for Gmod wouldn’t take more than making the engine itself, no need for making stories, npcs, characters, maps etc. “just” an engine preferably compatible with the currently used lua addons.

Personally i’d happily pay again for such an upgrade and if just half the active population of facepunch felt the same way that’s 150,000 euro right there which should cover expenses (plus i could immagine that more than half of facepunches active membergroup would buy it, and that the realism would bring in more players)

I might just be talking out of my arse, but i think it could work, what about you?

It would take alot of time and effort though, part of why it was possible for garry is because valve had already layed the foundation.

source master race

Well, that’s relative, it would take less time that just about any other game since you do not have to create a story nor make maps for said story… And if it didn’t take time and effort, there wouldn’t be a reason to get paid for it.

The EULA says you can’t do this. You cannot sell mods unless its under license by Valve.

So all we need to do is design our own physics engine from the ground up? Sounds easy!

Yeah this is stupid. The point of GMod is that it uses Source, which a lot of other popular games use and just about any game can have its models ported into. It also runs maps from almost any Source game. Not to mention it already has several thousand players and mods.

TL;DR: This idea is stupid. No.

It would be it’s own game, no a sold mod, the reason you can’t sell a mod is because it needs their game to run.

I’m saying someone with the experience and resources to pull it off, not a random geek…

Sources modified havoc engine is what, is limiting garry’s mod, it’s not the point of the game. plus starting out with “this idea is stupid” is in itself stupid.

The poll is stupid, suggesting the only reason you would not want this idiotic idea is money, Biased polls , the main way people try to get support for bad ideas

Well Garrys Mod wouldn’t be a mod, if it was on a entirerly new engine.


its not going to happen.

Not many people get this but…

From a programming point of view, the engine is a bitch. Using the engine is easy.

The success of Garry’s Mod is largely driven by the inclusion of Valve content.

Too bad that every company recycles their same outdated engine and releases a new “game” every six months.

-Rainbow Six Vegas 2
-Modern Warfare 2
-Gears of War 2
-Dead Space 2
-Mass Effect 2
-Fallout: New Vegas

Garry uses source so he doesn’t have to worry about all the little nit-picky stuff of creating his own engine so he can focus all of his development time on cool stuff.

And source is pretty usefull and good, so no need to change the graphic engine imho

It took Valve about six years to perfect the original Source engine, and that was built off GoldSrc’s code, which in turn was based off the Quake engine.

Coding game engines is HARD

I’m sorry but did you just say that making the engine is little more than making the engine XD I know what you mean tho