Garry's Maddies #1: Unused weapon

Alright…so this is my first comic strip made using GIMP. I don’t know how to use photoshop yet so I’m sticking with GIMP for now. Also,go easy on me because I am a noob at making comics. Don’t expect “Concerned” here,folks. So here it goes:
EDIT: Reuploaded the pic to another folder. Hopefully you can see it now

What comic, where comic?

You can’t see it? Strange. It’s really there

Error (403)
It seems you don’t belong here! You should probably try logging in?

the hell you on about?

What? Where is the image?

I’m going to assume your using dropbox.

Just upload it onto imgur of filesmelt.

That’s what happens when you go the the URL he posted, it’s a dropbox link and filed under “photos” instead of “public” so nobody except his account can access it.

Thanks. I’m kind of new to Dropbox here so I’m sorry if I made a mistake

Still 403, what you want to do is click the arrow next to the file, select “copy public link” copy that, and then paste it between two [img] tags.