Garry's Mall (gm_gmall)

---------------------------- What is this? ----------------------------

Garry’s Mall is a collaborative shopping mall map created for Garry’s Mod, where each store inside the mall has been contributed by a different person.
Making a total of 12 unique stores, and an entire mall with secrets to explore.

---------------------------- Required Games ----------------------------

**+ Garry’s Mod

  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Half Life 2: Episode 2
  • Team Fortress 2**

All above games need to be installed on Steam and enabled in Garry’s Mod.

---------------------------- Download ----------------------------
Click here to go to the workshop download

**Non-workshop download (not recommended): **Click here and scroll down

---------------------------- Other Media ----------------------------**

Previous video teaser:(


**---------------------------- Store Credits ----------------------------
**Project Lead / The Mall Map - Gman_freeman
Verizon Mobile Store - Blinxis
Crescent Hobbies Store - Callinstead
House of Ratings Store - The One Free-Man
Uncle Garry’s Store - Skern
Black Factory Store - St33m
Khatru Store - TRLEChippers
Cereal Smooth Store - Gman_freeman
Krispy Kreme Store - StarmanSuper
Starbucks Store - Meekal
Eastern Bloc Store - EddieLTU
Clipps Classic Cuts Store - Nomad
Trebled Times Store - Simzboy

****Garry’s Mall Homepage
Bug reports and constructive criticism are more than welcome.


Fantastic work from everyone who contributed, well done. :smile:

344 days, 5 hours, 56 minutes and 0 seconds from start to finish. Thats 29,742,960 seconds, 495,716 minutes, 8261 hours, 344 days or 49 weeks!

Well done everyone! Gold stars all round!

I’ll be trying this map out today and I’ll tell you how much I like it. If I like it enough I’ll suggest you throw in a TTT version and I’ll love you even more.

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Workshop might be failing can’t download will be trying to mirror links.

Mirror 1 is broke half way happens continously

Finally, a collab that worked out :3

Now if only that hallway collaboration from long ago could be released…

Any chance of HDR for Source Filmmaker compatibility?
Or is it HDR already, in which case, no extra work on your part.

Had alot of fun playing on the server, hope to do it again soon.

Yup, it’s HDR!

I got a really strange issue, cubemaps are broken, a lot of models are missing, and there’s huge spaces that look into the void. Also I had a missing texture under me, and didn’t spawn with the physgun, tool gun or camera. Not sure if my Gmod is starting to shit itself, or what’s even going on at this point, cause I know if others were having these issues, it’d have been known by now. But well, from what did show up, yeah the map turned out great, good work everyone.

Wow I am stupid, just saw L4D2 is required. Does it still require a pain in the ass way to mount these days, or does the usual way work with it?

The player is stripped of weapons when your spawn.

As for models/materials not showing up. Did you download from workshop? or direct download?

A couple of people are reporting broken cubemaps (Overly purple or white reflections).
Currently the temporary fix is to turn them off in console with mat_specular 0, but I’ll work on an actual fix as soon as I figure out the problem.

The map looks wonderful. Great job everyone.

PS: Oh God was that a THPS reference I heard.

For the people reporting missing content, have you mounted the required games?

  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Half Life 2: Episode 2
  • Team Fortress 2

Very glad to see this finished. I have all content mounted so I’ll check out if there’s anything missing.

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Nope, nothing missing. I really enjoyed the riddle.

I wish I would’ve read this earlier, I was searching through all my addons trying to find the problem.

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This is definitely my new favorite map. Will there be future updates? There’s two blank areas at each end of the mall, a perfect spot for two more stores.

I don’t have any of the Episodes…

And St33m was a part of this? Now I KNOW I’m missing on something awesome.

Wow, I never thought I’d see the day this gets released. It’s like an early Christmas present!

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this possible.

i’ll be sure to check this out. I like the ambiance from the pictures, I hope it becomes a success. Always good to see a project get to the finish line.

After running around in the map I 100% love the map, it’s very detailed, very well done. You guys did a cracker of a job.

I have a concern over the map:

I like the map, don’t get me wrong, it’s literally my new favorite. But here are some things I believe you should add and/or fix:

  • Put functioning mirrors in the bathrooms, tie the entity “func_reflective_glass” to the mirror.

  • Could you add a booth so that players can retrieve their Physgun, Camera, and Toolgun? It is since it’s hard to make poses without the necessary tools.:

“I used “impulse 101” to get the physgun, but the camera and the toolgun are impossible to aquire right now.”

You can also have admins of a server be able to put restrictions on the booth.