Garry's Mod 0xc0000005 Crash to Desktop


I have spent the past few hours trying to fix my game. For some reason, it crashes straight to desktop whenever I join a server, though works fine in single player.

The exception code I get is 0xc0000005, or from what I have seen an access violation due to Garry’s Mod attempting to access memory it doesn’t have (or something of the sorts).

Things I have tried:

  • Checking game cache
  • Reinstalling all addons
  • Clearing addons folder
  • Full Garry’s Mod reset
  • Full reinstall of Garry’s Mod

I have managed to isolate the addon in which caused the error, it was PAC3. I removed the addon and single player works now. I am still unable to connect to a server.

My internet is great, I have 200~ download 20~ upload, as well as an excellent PC:

-Intel i7 6700k 3.5ghz OC: 4.7ghz
-EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 11GB GDDR5X
-Corsair H70 Watercooling Rig
-NZXT Switch 810 Case
-1200W PSU by NZXT
-ASUS Sabertooth Mark 1
-32GB G. Skill DDR4 RAM
-Samsung Evo 850 SSD 250GB
-Seagate 3TB HDD 7200RPM

Here is my latest crash dump: (Unnamed version of the file: hl2_170801_crash_2017_10_21T18_43_4C0.mdmp)

Thank you for your assistance,

P.S. Is there a possible config or command in order to disable the download of a fast DL from a server? I believe that a contributor to the issue that I am having is the server’s fast DL, trying to download the addon version of PAC3, causing errors.

Fixed! Thanks!