Garry's Mod 10-15 Actors Needed

Ok I am making a garrys mod comedy or action movie and need 10 to 15 dedicated actors who will listen and not ruin much, if you’ve got ideas aswell add them! If you’re interested add me on steam through |C.T| Garrys Mod or ratchet3789
by the way post ideas and stuff below. I need a description of what you’re good at in gmod aswell if you don’t mind if it’s to much just forget it thanks guys :slight_smile:
P.S: don’t get angry if I’ve posted this in the wrong area I just joined!!

Wow that’s a lot of actors.

Anyways, I would suggest not using real-life actors, and use as MANY npcs as possible. Real people are annoying to deal with and don’t like following directions

I have made two films with over 10 people, and trust me although it sounds like it would be easy it’s not. SO many people you have to control. I had the upper edge because i knew most of them pretty well as I was in their community but it was still not easy

Ok thanks for the advice but most others are background charicters and they will be doin random stuff but now I’m just lookin for around 3 to 5 people and what are you’re movies I’d love 2 watch them sometime
U wanna help aswell?