Garry's Mod 10 keeps installing my other Source Games

I know there is another thread of this kind here, but either I fail at searching or it’s too difficult to find.

Whenever I have a Source Game (Like Day of Defeat: Source) uninstalled, and I start up Garry’s Mod 10, it forces an Install of it.

I tested this before by uninstalling ALL other games than Gmod 10, and I start it up, it takes like an hour to load, and when I check my Game List, their all installed again.

My Hard Drive is freaking out over this too, are there any solutions?

Gmod 10 requires another source game to operate.

Yeah I know, thanks for the reply.

I have Team Fortress 2 installed, as well as the Source SDK Base (and Orange Box) installed.

Unmount them then.

Hi im having that same problem and its creating data that i have to keep deleting. Did it ever get resolved?