Garry's Mod 10

Does anyone still have the content from the old Gmod 10 days? I want the gm_construct and background for nostalgia.

That’s the background with the Gman sat down with melons and a cone hat, and the gm_construct which is the same as the current one but with an island.

The only old gm_construct I can find is before Gmod 10, because the retards realise they can download those versions for free and upload them to for anyone too lazy to do so.

Cheers, Aaagreen.

why not use the gmod9 one then? I think old gmod maps work just perfectly in gmod

Try GMOD 9. Its very hard to install, but its worth it.

@Bootv2: Because I obviously prefer the Gmod 10 construct, or I wouldn’t have complained about the easiness to find the 9 version would I?

@Chesseylol: Because I can’t be bothered to learn a completely different Garry’s Mod on an outdated engine, when it doesn’t even have the map or background I’m seeking.

Which engine are you running then? an Updated one will come out when Portal 2 is released.

Also… why would you want Gmod9. its on an EVEN OLDER engine

Gmod 9 can only be played with hl2, hl2 deathmatch, and css installed. Besides, just take the map out of the gmod 9 maps folder and put it in the gmod 10 maps folder. Not rocket science. As for the background, just search up the picture on google images or look in the gmod 9 folders for it.

I am aware of how easy the process is to move the content to the latest Garry’s Mod, but I don’t have it as Garry’s Mod 10 is no longer available. I was hoping someone had kept it, but it looks like I’ll just need to find a torrent dated before the big Orange Box update.

I am on the latest version of Gmod, and simply want two pieces of content that is no longer available. Is that really impossible to understand?

Gman Conehead:
Gman w/ Melons:


Maybe, MAYBE, I have the old standalone version of my GMod (I was using it when I had no internet @ home - I know, pirating is bad, but when the first opportunity came, I bought GMod with the whole OB stuff) DVD, I will try to look it up for you. If I find it, I will tell you!

Finally, a post that makes sense. But in the time it took for you to be awesome, I managed to torrent a 700mb standalone version from years ago, install it, and copy over the content myself.

Thanks anyway, I might get the conehead one for safe keeping.

EDIT: No longer necessarry Fonix, it’s all sorted.

Torrent, that’s illegal, tsk tsk :colbert:

Oh okay :smiley:


The concept of “torrent” isn’t illegal BTW. Basically, it is a very improved download system - where are no main server, but a lot of users, whom act like servers. One may has very bad upload rate, but if you take many many small bits, they are at a high speed.

And BTW downloading it from torrent to get a content what is unavailable, and after that deleting all the other stuff basically isn’t illegal I think. I mean, he did not download to play the old game, he just needed a bit of it.

I know a torrent isn’t illegal in itself and I know about how it works, don’t be lazy and use abbreviations like “BTW” it’s “by the way” it’s generally illegal to download a game.

I don’t like typing at all. Makes my thumbs feel awkward.
Also, is it really illegal if you OWN the game (you bought it) and the game itself isn’t available as a physical copy (e.g. in a box, on a disk) but as a digital one? And is it illegal if you don’t use the “cracked” one, just your original one? I know, now this becomes more like a moral than a copyright and legality question, but still!

Downloading a copy for private use by itself is not illegal, but because of the way torrents work, you’re sharing copyrighted content illegally with other people who haven’t bought the game.

Say what?
Or did you burn it?

Well, yea, the first version of GMod, I got it from a friend, in a copy-and-run way. Then got more info about it, and decided to buy it.


But sharing is not intentional (as you said, this is the way as torrent works), and also can be disabled.

Good thing i kept all the GCFs, here is the background and gm_construct from GMod update 32.

gm_construct_u32 (renamed so as not to conflict with the current one)
Background VTFs (wide-screen and regular)