Garry's Mod - 100 Bathtubs NUKED!

Hey guys! This is my first Garry’s Mod video attempt. It shows 100 bathtubs getting blown up with a nuke! Remember, this is my first attempt, so I would like some response, good or bad. Everything is appreciated!

Here’s the URL to the YouTube video:

Comments, ratings, favouritings and/or subscribings are welcome! Enjoy!


You must have been real bored.

No, actually not. Just decided to try to make something… different :smiley:

That’s just fucking terrible…

i would of never thought that a nuclear explosion could be so boring.
next time try and avoid doing one of these videos, there a MANY out, theres no need for more.

u should record explosions with the source recorder

100 bathtubs is nothing.

I deleted the video, it was simply too bad. I can only say sorry to the few ones who actually liked it… Anyway, I will try to upload another, better video in the future!!