Garry's Mod 11?

Hello everybody,

I’ve realised that some time ago (no matter how much) Valve released Garry’s Mod version 11. I have 100% legal Garry’s Mod 10 bought on Steam and I have no idea how to get Garry’s Mod 11. On I’ve seen couple of movies from GMod 11 and I’ve realised that there is new hud, new menu (this one wich appears after pressing “q”) and PHX3 works! So how to get/update since GMod 10 to GMod 11?

Help me please.

GMod on Steam is the latest version. GMod 11 doesn’t exist (Pirated versions claim to be version 11)

There is no Garry’s Mod 11. It’s just Garry’s Mod.


Garry likes to increment the number in his head when there’s a big engine change or upgrade, but the game is just called Garrysmod, or Garry’s Mod. You should also know it’s made by Garry Newman, not valve, though it does run on valve’s source engine.

You say that PHX3 doesn’t work for you, and that’s just plain suspicious or weird, it’s just a bunch of models.

The current version is Garry’s Mod 11 as Garry stated in the last engine update.

We get this thread every week.
The video probably had a custom hud.

OK then, thanks 4 all.