Garrys Mod 12 Chat Box Problem

Ever since the garrys mod 12 update my chat box looks like this:

I can’t see anything anyone types, including my self, but I can still see it in the console. Anyone know the problem?

I suspect you got a Lua virus lol. Check in your lua folder for anything suspicious.

No this is a side effect of the new update. It fucked up a lot of shit up. not an lua virus.

update your graphics card and try downloading new updates for all your drivers.

This is not a side effect of the new update. Seems only you’re the only one having this problem…

Oh. Well then OP really is the only one having trouble. I thought that maybe a malicious lua file got downloaded and is now removing all UI elements from the chat interface.

This is the only problem I have in garrys mod, so I don’t think that my graphics card would be effecting my chat box.

THIS GUY ^ has made one of the most valid points ever… Pro’ly no the graphics card…

K thanks, but that still doesn’t help me.