Garry's Mod 12 FIX

Alright kiddos, it’s pretty simple how to fix your Garry’s Mod.
1 Go download GCFScape:
2 After you install it, find the garrysmod.gcf file in your Steam/steamapps folder.
3Open the garrysmod.gcf with GCFScape, and extract the garrysmod folder to YOUR garrysmod folder, AKA steam/steamapps/{YOURNAMEHERE}/garrysmod.

After all of this has been done it will work. Just make note that most servers will not work because they are not updated.

EDIT: I didn’t know Chrisaster had posted this somewhere else. Shows how observant I am. So all credit goes to Chrisaster sorry about that man.

Nice job crediting Chrisaster

Oh Wait.

He post this too? Damn, sorry about the Chrisaster! I’ll fix that real fast.

One problem, your link doesn’t work.

Works fine for me.

What the hell. Chris your name is getting blanked out whenever I type it the second time.

Remove the period.

Ah okay there, the grammar kills me without the damn comma, but I don’t want to risk it.

Has anyone confirmed this has worked? I’m real iffy about moving and replacing all my files with my old ones, no matter how alike they are.

I’ve done it, Chris has done it, and at least ten other people I’ve heard about (some of my friends) have done it and it works fine. If you’re so afraid just make a copy of your current files.

It works - you won’t lose any custom files.

I’m not getting you here. If I just put the garrysmod folder to MY garrysmod folder, then won’t I have to click a bunch of “no, don’t copy”'s?

GCFScape doesn’t prompt for replacement.

Meaning it won’t prompt me when I’m losing all my files?

If you extract it with GCFScape it will override the files you need, while keeping all your custom files. It shouldn’t ask if it wants to overwrite but if it does there should be a say yes to all box that you can check.

or you could wait for garry

But that might be awhile. The fix is perfectly stable and won’t do any harm, so why the hell not.

Im guessing servers needs this as well as I just updated and the server doesnt even start.

Or is this just me?

Just finished replacing my files. Just hope it didn’t replace any of my custom player models. I’ll confirm it works in a second.

EDIT: Nope, still the same.

I haven’t figured out the server problem, as I updated my server and yet I still can’t connect to it. If I find anything out I’ll post it.