Garry's Mod 12 + Toybox?

Hey guys, is it possible by chance for me to obtain a copy of Garry’s Mod 12 with a working Toybox? I just got #11 but realized it didn’t have what I wanted other than nostalgia!

LMod 12: Mirror of GM12
Toybox Torrent

Basically no. All the lua files from toybox are lost forever, and the ToyBox servers are gone too.

You best bet is finding copies of ToyBox addons on Steam Workshop, or other places.

Holy shit, 36 gigs? I’ll take it! Thanks a bunch code_gs!!! I love you bro! (Thanks for making me want to cry with nostalgia)

Little does he know, because there are no Lua files in that torrent :v:

I thought you and code_gs was friends. :confused:


I’m aware. I have the content on my PC. It still includes maps and models though, which is better than nothing.

Sadly, the torrent itself seems to be without any seeders.

no it has seeders but the biggest problem is no lua files because I am still searching for the illusive gunstramental