Garry's Mod 12?

Since the release of Alien Swarm, I had this question in my mind, Will Garry’s Mod upgrade to the newest source build? (After the Mac update, of course)
Because this new build have more features than the Left 4 Dead Engine and with that (well at least in my mind) we can natively mount Left 4 Dead 1/2 and Alien Swarm and use the latest features.
But since it changes a lot of the source code, There is the risk of unsupported addons (but that isn’t so important since even the GMOD updates breaks addons)
What more you can think that can change with this imaginary update? or you think it can enhance the experience of players and coders? Discuss.

I think Garry said he might do it when Episode 3 comes out. Though he might do it when Portal 2 comes out. I hope he does.

I think Portal 2 will not come with full SDK tools like L4D 1/2.
And upgrading now to the newest build will reduce the effort to upgrade from Orange Box Engine to the Portal 2 Engine since ASW Engine is the half-term of the L4D and the Upcoming Prt2 Engine

Garry wanted to use the left 4 dead engine when it came out, but he said it would cause too many problems, He will probably use the very last installment of the half-life series, definitely not alien swarm.

I think Garry should upgrade the engine because of many new features that is added like the Vscripts made in Squirrel (that the creator says that is very similar to LUA and the Vscripts make a lot of things in L4D2 like the Dark Carnival Minigames) and remember, We are talking about engines not games.

I think Garry will update it when he’s damn well ready. :colbert:

What is the point in adding another scripting language to a game that has it’s own perfectly fine one, which Garry has spent a while tweaking to near-perfection for it’s purpose?

Plus the Alien Swarm engine fork isn’t as good for first person action or mass physics I’d assume, given it’s mostly top down.

The Ep3 engine is most likely the next big update, and will be much nicer than the Alien Swarm engine from the looks of Portal 2.

Eh, GMod is still at version ten i think.
Minor updates =/= New version.
It would be like TF2 team released a new weapon and releases it in Team Fortress 3 - Copy of TF2 with an extra wep.

But yeah, i want AS models D:<
It is actually possible to get SOME models, but most of them are checkered :frowning:

In the GMod SVN its referred to as GMod 12 since he increments the version after every large engine update. GMod 11 = EP2 Engine iirc. GMod 12 = TF2/OSX compatible engine

Oh god :rolleye:

Minor updates means a new version

Actually, It IS the source engine as the VDC says that it is possible to convert a mod from SDK Base to ASW Base

It isn’t so minor as you think, Since we are the OB2010 Branch and then we count the major updates from L4D branch to L4D2 branch and finally the ASW Branch We had a lot of optimizations and if you are going to look at the hammer (since i’m a mapper not a coder) we can see a lot of changes on it

Aw man, i’m hearing the heavy say that i am stupid in my mind now :frowning:

I think that it will, just look at all the custom maps for portal.


The City 17: Episode 1 team is switching to the AS engine, as far as I know they aren’t running into any issues.

I’m talking about the lack of Source Code, Like L4D 1/2 Authoring Tools

Because the Script from L4D2 (as I can see) is more Map-based, Can you think at the possibilities? A guy even made a Tic-Tac-Toe script.