Garrys Mod 12?

I would like to know your ideas about a sequel to gmod,what do you think gmod would be capable of
if it was to be created on either its own custom game engine or a existing game/physics engine such as the crytek 2 engine used by crysis 2,or the unreal 3 engine widely used by many games,or even the new frostbite 2 engine developed for battlefield 3.

No source? That’s stupid.

when ep3 comes out and garry desided to use that as a bace

but who know how long that will be

I thought it was long past 12 already.

Garry isn’t going to make another gmod. It would piss everything off being as how they not only had to pay for the game but also made all this stuff for it and its also easier to just update the game to newer engines, plus crytek 2 engine would be absolutely horrible to put physics breaking tools into (phys gun) unreal engine 3 is just kinda crapy imo, and frostbite wouldn’t be practical for gmod’s use, infact come to think of it none of those three would be practical period. As far as the EP3 comment, remember what garry did when EP2 came out? neither do I cause it was just a simple engine update. Oh and kinda surprised gregster hasn’t said anything, you’re getting lazy dude (making me do all this bullcrap non-trolling now)