Garry's Mod 13 - A crash.

Yeah. So I tried to start up my GMod 13, And it went to the blue screen for about 2 seconds.

“Engine Error
failed to read 3811561 bytes”
Please help mates.

Please help, it didn’t work by now.

Turn off the Steam Cloud and reinstall the game, a problem with the content of Portal 2.

That didn’t work, thanks for the answer though.

Anyone else got an idea?

What addons are you using? Try running vanilla gmod (without addons).

got the same issue, i dont know why this happens.

Suddenly it works again.

So , I have the same problem , I’ve had it for few months. I have even re-installed my Operating System and the problem is still there , anyone has new suggestions ?

Install more RAM?

Installing more random access memory will not help the engine code to read the certain bytes.