Garry's Mod 13 is not good optimized

Hey. I know I have written there some threads about low fps. But in Gmod 12 and older were working on my computer very fast on High settings and Gmod 13 and year 2013 updates were working fast too. But the newest version is not optimized. At first on the newest Gmod when I launch GM Construct it has low fps on High settings. On Medium and Low too that same… So I was supposed to play only GM Flatgrass but now GM Flatgrass has low fps too on Low settings. I tryed lower resolution but that didn’t helped. I’ve used fps config but it helped a little bit but it looks horrible… I’m so sad but older Gmod were optimized very good for my computer and I was happy. More fps= more fun. Thanks for reading and any response. PS. Sorry for some gramathic mistakes but I only learn English 2 years.

It’s been 2 years since you had good FPS, surely there were changes to your PC setup.

Simple fact of installing more and more software makes your PC lag more ( and any other game ), not leaning your PC from dust also affects performance and overheating.