Garry's Mod 13 Keys - Grab one

For all you non-twitter followers…

Keys are available! (If you have played 50 hours Garry’s Mod in the last two weeks)

Gosh it’s not late. It was posted when it was announced on twitter :3

Thank you.

I think it went down from all the traffic.

EDIT: I tried again and it’s fine now. Odd.

Its out anyway. I managed to get in D:

Ugh, i’m always late to the party.

No more keys left

what? i can’t even play 15 hours per week.

Garry, please, i have a life.

He needs people who play a lot, as they tend to be developers, and tend to actually try to push the game to breaking point. There’s no point opening the Beta up to everybody when the things he wants testing are technical.


i am a developer(lua, vb, c#), but w/e, i just wanted to have some fun with bones and shit.

Are there any more going to be available soon?

on the Garrysmod update 11 thread, it says that if you idle on the irc chat you cn have a chance to get one.

I’m a developer and only have 2.1 hours in 2 weeks. We don’t all need to test our code in-game.

True, but it’s still a valid claim. Developers who are rapidly changing things, testing ideas and in general, actually playing the game, are preferred for beta testing over developers who perhaps don’t play the game as much.

Well this sucks i would of had a key but i needed 2 more Hours… FML

What the fuck? why cant i login to anything using steam? This special code shit is really getting on my nerves, it asks me every time i log onto something and when i enter it, the fucking thing says" Oops! that isn’t quite right"
I have like 50 of these emails and ive gone through each one individually and i get the same fucking answer every time.

There are no more keys left…

And I have played only half of that lately, dammm.

111hours, but sadly I was asleep.

Should have made an email request like the rest of the developers did for the very very first batch.

Yarp :slight_smile:

It’s what I did, and every other coder I know. I only wanted another one from those up top to give away in a raffle on my website… since I’m cheap.