Garry's Mod 13 Keys - Grab one

If it weren’t for that horrible steam guard i would have a gmod 13 key.

For those that don’t have a key, there is nothing to be down about, you’ll just enjoy it a ton more when it’s released officially.


46 left! Grab 'em while you can!

taking awhile to load.

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entered. only that i need 16 hours more… :Saddowns:

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someone pass me a key.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Bah, late to the party, as usual. Oh well better luck next time (probably not)

Well, sometimes it’s just shitty.

Could someone pass me a key? Have not been active on gmod in the last while.

Good thing I had about 3-4 times the hours required. XD

Any chance anyone got multiple keys? I’d be forever in your debt and revere you as my hero if someone gave me one. :smile: I’d really like to start porting my gamemode over to GMod 13 and add new features to it.

This shit would happen when im sleeping :frowning:

why is this not free? for everone that have garrysmod on steam…?

This has been asked more times than there have ever been keys available. Garry only wants people who’s active in GMod to have a key so he can fix bugs and get requests for stuff for GMod 13. If it was public for GMod people, it’d be “hey, this is pretty cool” then about 1-2 hours later “oh well, that was fun” and then they won’t ever start it up again.

Because its currently in testing.

ah oke I understand.
i just play garrysmod alot of times.
but i miss it evertime…
its going soo fast. lol

“need login”

i know that lol
but it going very fast

I’m always too late to grab a key :frowning:

Wake up and all the Americans have got them.

I know that feeling
But now I’m in and the development can continue :]

ohwel just wait for release date :slight_smile:

ps enyidea when it come?