Garrys mod 13 prone addon?

Can somebody make prone addon, lua
WIthout world animations, and something like that
Just client side only.


What would be the use of this?

Lower crouch,
nevermind, i can say it, becuz my ENG

I don’t fully see a need for this unless your making a fps gamemode, and that is still a big if. I don’t think the whole idea behind that is stupid, but I don’t see much of a need for it. If I am playing sandbox or darkrp it would not be of much use. Maybe in ttt if you wanted to pretend to act dead or something. Now that might be cool, but most of the things on garrys mod I think would not work with this.

snip snap

Here you go, a free prone system I made.

THX, works:> (yes, i know this is fake)

Nobody gonna make it xD