Garry's Mod 13: Suoer Gravity Gun

Is there anyway to possibly bring Half Life 2’s Supercharged Gravity Gun into Garry’s Mod? I’ve searched all over the internet for possible solutions, forums, videos, anything! I can’t seem to find anything useful. Tried the console command and it didn’t work. Heard it had to be made from scratch… Is there any hope?

The physgun replaced the super gravity gun; it’s not possible to bring it back with lua or console commands.

Sadly he is right. I know of no way to bring it back yet.

Although. There is probably a addon somewhere that turns the normal grav gun
Into it or some shit. Just explore.

If not you’re out of luck.

I have seen some on workshop before, as well as servers

Look around a bit, there’s a lot to find in gmod