Garrys Mod 13, Update 13.07.7 Multiplayer Freeze help!

I have seen many threads about this issue, but i just want to know right now, whenever i click on the multiplayer screen it freezes. I just want to know if its my computer or this recent update, because before it was working fine before this update.

Explain, how long does it freeze, does it crash, and any additional info please.

Well yes it freezes for about as long as i have it on, lets say i leave it on for 10 minutes its still frozen, waiting any longer is pointless, because i dont think it will load. Also yes it does crash only after i do ctrl alt del out then it says “hl2.exe is not working” basically crashing. i tried verifying the cache doesn’t work of course, and idk other methods i can try. i just want to know if its this update and if facepunch and garry know this is happening to some people.

Have you subscribed to any addons recently, or have an excessive amount of addons (like a ton of people do…)?

i have subscribed to a map but its not many addons that i have, i do however, have like 8 pages of addons, quite alot. but i disabled all of them and it still freezes. maybe i should wait longer to see if will actually load, but i want facepunch to look at this problem. Sucks im having this problem, and its not all over, as i see other people playing multiplayer fine. Need a new update for this issue to fix it, or if i can fix it, idk i want it fixed however i can fix it.

You tried reinstalling?

well no, but reinstall the game or steam, i don’t know how to uninstall either one