Garry's mod 13?

Will people who already own Garry’s mod have to buy Garry’s mod 13? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I barely got Gmod a couple days ago and feel like a noob.

Yes it’s going to be 60 dollars.

Ignore this trol.

GMod 13 will be an update to the current GMod meaning it will be free.

Ok thanks very much dude.

It is free, but only if you already own the $49 horse armour NPC pack.

Well that’s a failed attempt at trying to be funny. Why don’t the members of Facepunch actually be helpful and not sarcastic with an exception of a few?

I don’t expect Garry will ever ask money for anything related to GMod besides the original game. It’s still selling.

No. It’s officially going to be a free update to everyone. You know, Garry keeps the promise of giving free updates.

11 “Funny” ratings, and you call that a failed attempt at trying to be funny. It’s also redundant to say “attempt at trying” since “attempt” and “trying” both mean the same thing.

Totally fucking agree…

Thanks to most of you.

Because the answer to the question is pretty fucking obvious, and we might as well try and get some humor out of the thread seeing as it’s here?

Oh wait, sorry. No fun allowed here anymore. Carry on with your lives.

Man the only thing you are paying here is the mounting files…

  • Content DLCs.

It’ll be free don’t worry. Ignore any “Blah blah blah 60$ blah blah” stuff because its all pretty much lies.
Also if you just got Steam you should try getting more source games and play because more source games, more props, and more fun.

All this sarcasm ain’t funny, if you ask me.

Your avatar is


Anyways garry’s like millionaire now, why would he be like most game companies and make us sweat every last bit of our money ?

It’s realy fucking needed to keep bullshitting after the OP got his answer… Waw…

Haha, oh wow. Ratings matter now?

When is the update going to come out?