Garry's Mod, 2 BIG problems, URGENT

#1 I own a server from xenon servers, but when I tried to add my freind to the users.txt list it messed everything up and now the game dosen’t see me as an admin!
Well, when I join the game it says “Hello myname you are in the super admin group” but it doesent give me the darkrp admin panel (which it used to) and it says “sorry only admins can do this” and it dosent let my physgun people (which it also used to).
Can somebody who owns a server from them post their users.txt in the settings folder? I used the one on the garrys mod wiki and it does the same thing, thanks.

2# When i start my darkrp server, it allows people to spawn guns from the spawn menu’s weapons tab, even if I state “sbox_weapons 0” it still lets them.

BTW, Xenon servers won’t answer me…

Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

#1: If it says you’re in the super admin group it’s a DarkRP issue. It might be that DarkRP got its own admin config file. Try to look for it.

#2: DarkRP isn’t Sandbox. There must be a DarkRP cvar related to the weapon spawning.

You are probably missing a bracket in the file somewhere or something little like that.

Wait for your GSP to answer you.

Sbox_weapons is only for weapons you have when you join the server

Isn’t darkrp derived for sandbox?