Garry's Mod 2 Players on 1 PC: is this possible?

So I’m looking for a way to play with my brother on my PC. The computer itself can handle two instances of the game with 0 problems, but the thing is, I haven’t suceeded in the deed.

I’ve managed so far to launch two separate instances of steam with Sandboxie and set the two games on each monitor, while connecting the controller to the game itself.

However, while using the controller, the input it provides affects both copies of the game running simultaniously. So when I’m looking left with the controller, both players look left, and if I jump, both players jump.

So, how can I “split” the input so that one keybard and mouse controls one player and one controller controls the other without interfering with each other?

You can’t. It’s physically impossible to split one output into two seperate outputs.

The problem is that you need dual mouse support to be able to aim in the second instance as well. Just google and you’ll find out that it is something relatively complicated and experimental. The only comfortable way would be connecting another PC to the other monitor. Lua would be able to add splitscreen support via use of bots but I don’t know someone who has time for it (it’s relatively easy though).[ekm]185x185[ekm].jpg


AAAAAND you’re all wrong,

No, I’m saying if there’s only one output in a computer, unless you rewire the component, it stays one output.

Those connectors join 2 wires together. each terminal is seperate from the ones next to it.

If garry used a post-L4D engine it would be easily possible without any kinds of lua hacks, It’s quite easy to implement splitscreen to your mod using the L4D branch and afterwards, I’ve did it myself in my mod

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